World Day of Order of Malta Celebrations in Albania: A Successful Debut

World Day of Order of Malta Celebrations in Albania: A Successful Debut

Albania joined the global celebration of the World Day of the Order of Malta with remarkable events held in two cities—Shkodër and Lezhë. The inaugural celebration saw dedicated groups of volunteers, including nurses and doctors, offering free medical check-ups at three different sites, making a significant impact on the local communities. The initiative aimed to address the healthcare needs of the community, promoting the spirit of service that defines the Order of Malta.

This marked the first World Day of the Order of Malta in Albania, and the celebrations were met with enthusiasm and gratitude from the local communities. The event symbolized a commitment to global solidarity and the shared values of the Order of Malta.

The Ambassador, Councillor Massimo Fantechi and the First Secretary Stiven Shala of the Embassy paid a visit to the sites in Shkodër. During his visit, the Ambassador took the time to meet with the dedicated volunteers and staff who contributed to the success of the medical outreach. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude for their selfless service and acknowledged the positive impact they made on the lives of the people they served.

At the culmination of a rewarding day filled with purpose and dedication, the volunteers were honored with well-deserved certificates. Their commitment and tireless efforts made a significant impact, and we are grateful for their invaluable contributions.

A special thank you goes to Maranaj Marku for orchestrating the day’s activities with precision and excellence. His exceptional organizational skills ensured a seamless and fulfilling experience for all involved.


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