Courtesy visit to the new Mayor of Shkoder

Courtesy visit to the new Mayor of Shkoder

In a gesture of diplomatic goodwill, the Ambassador of the Order of Malta in Albania, Stefano Palumbo, together with the Embassy Councillor Massimo Fantechi and First Secretary Stiven Shala recently undertook a courtesy visit to extend his congratulations to the newly appointed mayor of Shkoder.

During this amiable encounter, Ambassador Palumbo conveyed his best wishes to the mayor. The esteemed representatives also engaged in fruitful discussions, reaching a mutual agreement to strengthen and foster cooperation between the Order of Malta and the city of Shkoder.

Order of Malta has been present in Shkodër since 1995, focusing on medical, social and civil protection fields. The Headquarters of the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta are based in Shkoder and more than 100 volunteers operate there.

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