Ambassador Palumbo meets Mayor of Lezhe


On January 19, the Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta to Albania paid a courtesy visit to Mayor of Lezhe, Mr. Pjerin Ndreu.

Lezhe is a very important city to the Order of Malta. In 2017, The Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta inaugurated a multidisciplinary centre for individuals with special needs, and in particular for Roma and Egyptian people. The multidisciplinary centre is supported by the local municipality and by private donors.

Ambassador Stefano Palumbo said he was glad to be back and to be able to continue supporting the community of Lezhe. The Ambassador and the Mayor agreed to foster the cooperation between the Order of Malta and Lezha Municipality.

In honor of the Albanian national hero, together with Mayor Ndreu, Ambassador Palumbo laid wreaths at Skanderbeg’s Mausoleum, former cathedral of St. Nicholas, in Lezhe. 554 years after his death, he remains the figure that marks Albanian nation’s continuation.