Supporting artisan women in Burrel

Supporting artisan women in Burrel

For five months now, a project which creates opportunities for Albania’s new generation in handicraft has been implemented in the city of Burrel. The “Queen Geraldine” Foundation, with the support of the Embassy of the Order of Malta and the Municipality, has created a center to support Albanian women in handicraft.

The mission of this centre is to provide skill artisanal training to ten women, whom have been identified with the assistance of the local authorities of the city of Burrel as needing financial support. With the cooperation of the “Tradita Popullore Foundation” the foundation is able to provide the training for Albanian carpet weaving, with the final goal of reviving Albanian traditional techniques and ensuring the protection of regional patterns and designs whilst training and supporting women.

To see closely the progress of the project near the center which is located in the Burrel Palace of Culture Ambassador Palumbo joined the Head of the Foundation “Queen Geraldine” Princess Elia Zaharia Zogu, Prince Leka II, the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mr. Blendi Klosi, together with the Mayors of Mat, Klos and Dibër.

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